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Specialising in Drupal developments, we engineer digital experiences across web, mobile and other devices to engage your customers and achieve your business goals.

As you adopt new tools to save time, innovate and stay ahead of the competition, you have to integrate and work across more and more platforms. We can bring them together for you in an efficient, reliable system.

We follow Lean UX practices to drive value for your business. Our collaborative teams sprint to a working solution, then perfect in subsequent iterations. This means you can capture opportunities as soon as they arise, while minimising both risk and waste.

Your customers’ online experience is key to your success. We understand that if they enjoy their time on your site, they’ll return again and again. So we focus on designing effortless user experiences.

In the quest to stay ahead, you’re under pressure to keep your business running the latest systems and services. Enlist us to plan and manage your complex migration for a seamless transition, with zero downtime.

Your search ranking is crucial to your online success. We can optimise your site to appear on the first page of search results. So more customers find you, creating more demand and brand awareness – and ultimately more sales.

Who We Are


A trusted digital partner across the globe

As a leading international Drupal consultancy, we’ve served as digital partner to enterprise clients including BBC Worldwide, Times Educational Supplement, Royal Mail Group and Eurostar.

And now we’re expanding into Asia, beginning with Thailand. Here we’ve already started work on a subscription-based ecommerce site for the world’s largest producer of stock photography, a website and restaurant booking system for Siam Sindhorn, and an ecommerce site for AECS to expand to the ASEAN region.

Learn more about our projects for BBC Store and Yubl below.

Our Purpose

championing digital expertise in Asia

While Thailand has both web developers and digital marketing agencies, we noticed that no business brings together these services at a universally high standard. Seeing this gap, we decided to create Fluxus Asia.

Now fully established, we run a ‘technology transfer plan’ to promote excellence among Thai web developers and act as a one-stop shop to help Thai businesses realise their technology goals.

We also identified an opportunity to share our Drupal expertise. The content management system (CMS) of choice for enterprises around the world, the platform is now on the rise in Thailand. Today you’ll find Drupal sites used by Thai organisations including Yellow Pages, Hilton Hotels, Coconuts, BMTA, Thai BPS, EGAT and most major universities.

Yet there still remains major scope for expansion. Which is why we plan to champion Drupal development and Lean UX within the Thai business community.

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